"The urge to create, the urge to photograph, comes in part from the deep desire to live with more integrity, to live more in peace with the world, and possibly to help others do the same."

—Wynn Bullock

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Scamper Dogs by Randall Roberts
The Book Scamper Dogs
New Book: "Scamper Dogs"
These true tales about the love of life in dogs with disabilities/disease are nothing short of awe-inspiring.
With stunned amazement, Randall Roberts watched his dog Scamper – a blind, allergic, cancer-ridden stray – doggedly face her disabilities by hiking blind in the Canadian Rockies after receiving chemo and radiation therapy.
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Welcome to my Book "Scamper Dogs" and my online galleries of black and white film photography. Photography is my best way of interacting creatively with the world. Not just as a professional, but as a human being. It is my way of  being a philosopher, a poet, a writer, an activist, an architect. It is how I am best able to communicate what I think, feel, and see. My work explores the unknown, the mystical, or romantic. What started out as a way to make a living turned out to be a way to  live.

The work focuses on Wild Horses, Earthscapes from around the world, and finally, portraiture. I create both black and white photographs as well as bromoils – a 19th century alternative process where the final image is hand done using oil pigments. I prefer the bromoil process because it bridges painting and photography and therefore, somehow, it is a richer, more fully human process. Each bromoil is a one of a kind work of art enhancing the contemplative nature of my photography.