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Egyptian Gods Gathering, Hieroglyph, Egyptian Archeology, Egypt

Egyptian Gods Gathering, Hieroglyph, Egyptian Archeology, Egypt

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Fine Art image of Egyptian Gods Gathering Bas-relief/Hieroglyphs.

Featuring on this image from left to right :
Thoth : God of Wisdom with Ibis Head
Hathor : Daughter of RA. Goddess of Women, Love, Beauty, Pleasure & Music
Geb : Father of Isis. God of Earth
Bastet : Goddess of the Homes. Also known as Cat Goddess
Horus : Sky God. Also known as War God, Hunter's God & God of Kingship
Khonsu : Son of Sobek & Hathor. God of the Moon.

Image taken in 2004 in Egypt.

High quality print available in 8" x 12" OR 12" x 18" on Lustre OR Matte black & white paper.
Frame NOT included - only for display purposes.

My original photographs are printed in a professional photography lab. You have the choice of :

• Lustre silver halide professional paper. It has a silver gelatin-based emulsion with an added coating for better reproduction. It provides exceptionally pure, brilliant whites. Its lustre surface means worry-free manipulation and excellent image durability.


• Hahnemühle cold pressed "NATURAL" Matte 340 gsm paper (100 % cotton, white, acid free, long conservation time, museum quality paper). The paper and the inks are archive quality. According to the manufacturer, the lifespan of a photo is more than 150 years.

The photograph is hand signed on the back. Ready to frame, this art work will make a wonderful addition to your home or office.

Please note that shipping delays can occur due to customs. Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply.

* Artwork may not be reproduced or resold without the express permission of the artist.
* Copyright Marie-Eve Painchaud

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